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Some of the questions
What makes Flobyt Advert better than other online adverts?

The Flobyt advert system is unique and better because of the way the system is built. It is built in such a way that users cannot skip the advert, they must see it to progress. Which makes it 100% effective as a tool to reach the audience because you cannot use the free Wi-fi without interacting with the advert. Added to that is the fact that the ads can be location targeted so as to increase its efficiency in reaching the right audience for your campaign.

How do I create a Flobyt Advert?

To create a Flobyt advert:

  1. On the Flobyt business page, click on pricing. Choose the type of ads that best meet your ad campaign
  2. Sign up with a valid email address for an advertiser account and fill in the necessary details
  3. Our ads server gives you a live preview of how your ads will appear as you upload your creative.
  4. Proceed to payment, which is interswitch integrated for safe and swift payment
  5. Your advert goes live.
How much does it cost to advertise on Flobyt?
  • Native Ads (N30,000 CPM)
  • Video & HTML Ads (N40,000 CPM)
  • SSID Branding (call)
  • Event Activation (call)
What is the engagement objectives?

The engagement objective is designed to position your advert right in people’s face in such a manner that they cannot but see it. This would lead them to engaging with landing page you choose.

With these, your adverts will:

  • Be in people’s direct gaze
  • Position your product for awareness
  • Promote your product and encourage interaction
  • Provide you direct locational targeting

You can put up adverts on Flobyt in these formats:

  • Picture
  • Youtube & Vimeo
  • GIF
  • HTML
  • Carousel
Will I be able to measure progress of my adverts?

Our ads server is built such that you can see the progress of your creative. You will see the metrics of how much views had been consumed and how much is remaining. We are working on a pause and play feature such that you can pause an advert at a point and continue it when you want to.

What if I want discount on bulk?

If you want discount on buying bulk, you should contact any of our sales partners DKK Media (@DKKNigeria) or Bytesize Media (@ByteSizeng).