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You can reach potential customers and boost local awareness with Flobyt Wifi Ads. Access our premium advertising opportunity with no contract to lock you in flexible budgeting simple payment options

Banner Ads

Drive awareness of your business, product, app or service with self-service ad server. We support mobile friendly IAB standard banner ads format.

Video Ads

Have potential customers learn more about your products or services. Give them a 30 seconds tour of your business as they connect to our wifi.

SSID Branding

Get people talking about your brand. Let us place your brand, event, business name on our Wifi network name. Awesome!

Events Activation

We give your event the flobyt touch by activating our free wifi to all your guest. Let them have every reason the get your #hashtag trending.

Watch how it works

We position your brand and products in the face of people at the malls, parks, schools, bars, bank, etc as they willingly engage with your ads while connecting to our #FREEWifi

Unlike other forms of mobile ads where ads are presented along with contents (ie. impression is not really impression as you are not sure visitors actually notice your brand), Flobyt ensures that your ad is the only content they want to engage with. While connecting to our FREE Wifi, your ad is presented to them. They engage with it for not less than 30secs before gaining access to our network.

This permission the visitor gives us to present your ads gives you a unique “Top-of-the-mind” brand awareness and valuable click that only Flobyt can give you.

Reach Your Desired Goal!
You are assured of more conversion to your destination than any other ad platform and you would have customers walk through your door. You will reach your target.

Self Service with LIVE analytics: You can now accurately target your local audience yourself. Advertise to more people easily through your our self-service ad server with realtime stats of your ads.

Pay per impression: Customize your ad to suit your needs. Flobyt supports CPM, Pay-Per-Day and Monthly Tenancy models.

Pause/Stop Anytime: Your marketing/sales team can login to play, pause and even stop ads at anytime, to edit and manage ad design, text or links.

No long-term contracts: There are no setup fees. No service charge. Its simple, you pay for impression and conversion. You can get started in minutes.

Little bit stats on
flobyt wifi so far.

Our success story

Flobyt Free Wifi launched February 2017 in Lagos. Since then we have recorded some fantastic results. We have powered over 13 hugely trafficked events along with presence in over 75 hotspot locations across Lagos, Ibadan, Benin and Port Harcourt. This presents us the unique privilege of presenting your business in front of the right audience at the right place and at the right time.



Direct mobile impressions


Unique Visits

To 42 hotspots


Hours Spent

Almost a year done in 2 months



Data Consumed